We’re at it again…

January 13, 2012 by

Check out our new venture… Slacker Slim Down 2: Our Pants Don’t Fit. More of the same stuff, from the same crew. Find us at: http://slackerslimdown2.wordpress.com


Round 2

November 30, 2009 by

Oh my sweet friend, it is time to start you again. I’m already scared of you, but I will conquer you again. 170lbs here I come. I am going to miss you bread, but we will meet again in 91 days. FML

Day 60 Pics are up!

July 29, 2009 by

Check it out… we are making progress.  Do it.  Do it… 60 Day Pics

Weekly Update – July 27

July 29, 2009 by

Was hoping to break 200 before my vacation… but whatever… Nuber is anorexic.

Slacker Slimdown VC.xls

I think we are at day 60…

July 23, 2009 by

As I prepare for my evening of angry yoga… It has dawned on me that we are at day 60.  We are on the home stretch!  More importantly… we get to post new homo-ish pictures.  Send them into me and I’ll get them posted this weekend.  Don’t suck at it.

This week has been interesting.  Here are some highlights…

1) Had ribs last weekend with Brian.  He made the most amazing rib masterpiece I have ever laid my eyes on.  Shit was good.  SHIT. WAS. GOOD.  Katy brought over her awesome cookies.  They were promptly devoured.

2) Brian and I went fly fishing.  Caught us some pigs.  A river runs through it.  I might have picked up a new hobby if I had time for one.  I might have to quit my job so I can fly fish and snowboard full time.

3)  Spent 4 days in Milpitas, CA (the highlight isn’t that I was in Milpitas, but more that I stayed there for 4 days without trying to kill myself)  PS – the city may or may not be out of vodka.  Hint… they are.

4) Played poker for the first time in what has to be a few months.  Sat down at a 3-6 table and ruined people.  Felt good to play well… but also felt like I was competing in the special olympics.  The guy next to me thought he had a winning hand with 4 card straight on three separate occasions.

5) Gooch is playing top flight football. The yanks are stepping up…

6) I beat down Travis at darts last night.  He will admit his defeat.  There were witnesses.

7) One witness was wearing a moo-moo.

8 ) Cow and her friend sang “take me home tonight” to us in a white trash bar.

9) We closed the bar down.  Yes… yes we did.  On a wednesday night.

10) I texted several people at 2 AM with the word FAIL.  I’m awesome.

11) Upon arriving back at our hotel we decided that we should make skid marks in the parking lot.  Excellent decision.

12) USA beat Honduras.

——Go forth and be skinny.

Weekly Update – July 20

July 23, 2009 by

And this one…

Slacker Slimdown VC.xls

Weekly Update – July 13

July 23, 2009 by

Its late… but its here.

Slacker Slimdown VC.xls

We have all been there…

July 20, 2009 by

Compliments of Travis…

Drunk Yoga Positions


Getting Skinny

July 10, 2009 by


I am not 25 anymore

July 9, 2009 by

My ass is dragging Trying to party like a rock star two nights i a row = fail.

I see copious amounts of sleep in my future.